Booking an Event

“Okay, so I am intrigued.  How do I go about booking a show and what happens next?”

Booking an event is quite easy.  Email us!

Here’s what happens next:  Once you pick your theme or event, we will begin a dialog with the host, over email.  This is why we prefer to do it this way!  All the details that you need are in writing and there is no confusion.

Restaurants or Corporate Events:

If you are a restaurant or a corporation, terms will be hammered out to price per head, what the set up needs to be, and how the catering will occur.  Date and time will also be determined.

Private Parties:

If you are booking a private party, you, as the host, get a bonus.  The host will receive a “discount” for up to two people, for hosting the event in your home or location.  If this is not available to you, Murder By Six can help find a venue. If a venue needs to be obtained, then the host discount does not apply.  Also, the host discount does not apply for small group scavenger or zombie hunts.

Once venue has been decided, catering will be next.  A menu will be put together for your event.  Some of the events work better served over dinner, some are much more fun with massive amounts of finger foods.  We will accommodate up to three dietary requirements at no extra charge.  Some people have gluten or other food allergies, some people don’t care for anchovies.  The point is to have fun- not get sick!  We will provide a menu selection email to go out to you or your guests.  Meal selections or headcounts need to come back to us at least 72 hours in advance of your event.

While the meals are being selected, a theme description for your guests will be sent, complete with time period, possible costume ideas, and a list of characters.

Tickets need to be paid for in advance and typically run $20-$25 per person for a mystery event, $15-$20 for a scavenger or zombie hunt, or $10-$15 for a meet-and-greet.  Cash or check only, please.

And that’s it!  If you like, we would be happy to manage the emails for you, if your guests would like to provide us with contact information.  We do not spam or sell the contact information.

Murder By Six will need access to the location at least four hours in advance of your event, to set up the props and get the area staged.

Here’s an example:

Email 1: You want to throw a party to announce your best friend’s wedding.  You like the 1920’s theme and you have a date in mind, but not a venue.

Response 1: Murder By Six will help find the location and put together a funky meal plan that fits in with the 1920’s theme.

Response 2: Murder By Six has found the location and a price is set per head.

Response 3: Murder By Six will provide the theme and setting description for the 1920’s event to the host.  If the host wishes to provide a series of emails, Murder By Six will send that out to all the guests, with the menu selections and a cast of characters.

Response 4: Murder By Six will keep in contact with the host, regarding any questions or changes for the event.

Response 5: Murder By Six will get in touch with either the host or the guests to determine final head count.