Live Event Themes

Murder By Six Live Event Themes

Zombie Hunt: Participate as a zombie, a hunter, or a civilian in a mass public event.  Minimum headcount: thirty people.

Survive the Zombie Attack: a fun meet and greet evening where you try to avoid being contaminated.  Survive the evening and retain your human status!  Minimum headcount: twenty people.

Scavenger Hunts:  From Egg Hunts to a romantic day on the town, Murder By Six can accommodate store promotions to a sweetheart of a Valentine’s Day…  No minimum headcount.

Mystical Ball: Unscripted:  Several factions of mystical beings come together in a single location to determine who will have power for the coming year!  Spells, intrigue, mythology, and politics, all rolled into one!  Minimum headcount: twenty people.

Cooking: Unscripted: Three teams compete for the rank of top kitchen and a grand prize of ten grand on a live broadcast t.v. show.  This is a messy one, as you will be making your own dinner!  Minimum headcount: Fourteen active participants, and unlimited viewers in the “audience”.

Speakeasies:  Unscripted: Two warring mobster clans come together in the opening of a new, non-alcoholic club in this twisted 1920’s comedy!  Minimum headcount: twenty five.

Super Heroes: Unscripted: It’s the high school reunion that you never wanted to go back to:  Super Hero and Villain High!  Come help out as the time capsule is finally dug up.  Along with your really bad yearbook photos!  Minimum headcount: twenty.

Other Themes: Upon request.  We will write a new script for you, based on a specific idea.  Three months advance notice is needed.