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Survival: Heaps

Live Release November 2017


MB6: Plots

A lite RPG where you can play by yourself, with other players, with or without a GM!

Expected Release: Spring 2018

Murder By Six PLOTS, Copyright © 2016

A rules light Role Playing Game that can be used for any genre.  New PLOTS modules and DROPS add-ins are coming soon.

PLOTS modules are designed for both players and GM’s to get right into the thick of things- FAST.


PLOTS: Velod’s Caravan, Copyright © 2016

Ever wonder what happened on those days where your GM says, “You traveled for a week and wind up at the City of _____?”

Velod’s Caravan is a re-usable module that focuses on travel, being a merchant or hunter, and surviving eight different types of weather.  You can gain skills, obtain or make useful items, and get into some pretty funky combats.


DROPS: Ando’s Market, Copyright © 2016:

A bustling, busy city market that can be dropped in anywhere.

Buy a horse, tack, or lizard.  Make connections.  Get employed.  Sell all those looted weapons you’ve been hauling around for ages or hit the bar for a night out.

Ando’s Market is a re-usable module that can be dropped in any fantasy/feudal system.


PLOTS: For the Love of Goats, Maybe?,

Copyright © 2016

Ah, Hitchcull- the city of entertainment. The sights, the smells, the goods! Hitchcull is located on the Western Coast and is a massive port town where almost everything is for sale.  The harvest moon glows bright and you are out prowling the city streets for a new adventure.

You decide to head to the Landed Pig for a night of poker.  Little do you know your life is about to change…