Types of Live Play Games

Types of Games:

There are two types of Live Play mystery games: Scripted and Unscripted.  We also host scavenger and zombie hunts…

Scripted Games

A scripted Murder game usually has rounds of play, sometimes called chapters.  Each player is given a book with a character description, and a background.  Within the book, there are clues to be hidden and discovered each round.  All clues must be disclosed within the round, and the next round can not start until all the clues have been ferreted out.  There are normally 4-5 rounds of play, with a read out for each character at the end.

Clues are disclosed by each character reading through their book and talking about what they know about the other characters.  The books are written so that the knowlege of the other characters progresses through the event.

This is the easier version of Murder Games.

Unscripted Games

Unscripted Games are more free-form than scripted who-dun-its.  Each player is given a book with his or her character’s personality and some basic information the character knows.  Then, all the players are let loose in a single room, to mingle and walk around, speaking to whomever they want, in order to discover clues.

While there are no rounds in an unscripted game, there will be timed events that will effect the storyline.

Unscripted games are more difficult to keep track of what is happening, as there are normally more people than a scripted game and because the play is free form.  You could play the same unscripted game, with a different character, and have a completely different outcome than the time before.

One other benefit to an unscripted game, you may be able to bribe your way out of being discovered, since everyone has a shady past, or other events may occur…