LIVE ACTION EVENT!  Zombie Virus Outbreak!

October 21st 4:30 pm at FingerLakes Mall:

Join us as local authorities are rounding up people in a cattle drives, putting groups of people in holding cells to see if there is a current outbreak of the Zombie Virus…  Someone might be infected.  Maybe you.  On your way into the containment facility, a guard sneers at you and snidely prays that you make the cut.  You might just be the lucky one to get the med pack at the end…

A fun game of three rounds of making connections with the others in your holding cell.  You may be able to spot Patient 0 and avoid them.  Or, you may be the last person left with their humanity intact.  Do you wheel and deal, trying to make the best connections possible?  OR do you try to keep your little group intact?

Award Certificates given for the largest hoard, most creative hoard name, and whether or not you got your brains eaten…

Tickets $8.

If you bring your own business cards, discounts are available.

Game time will be from one to two hours.  Cash or Check only, please…

Can you survive?


How to Play:

There are three rounds with a little prep.

A) When you show up at the community room, pay the entrance fee.  If you have 30 business cards, the fee is $6.50.  If not, the fee is $8.00.

B) If you have your own business cards, you are free to walk about the lobby area of the community room.

C) If you do not, you will be given 3 sheets of tag board and shown how to make your own business cards.  Really cool cutter.  You are given a marker.  At this point, it is up to you what you put on your cards.  Zombie hunter name OR your real name OR your real name and a phone number.  Make sure it’s somewhat unique, ’cause when I went to college, half of my friends were “Mike.”  About 15 of them.  Once you are done with your cards, you are free to roam around.

D) At the start of the game, Lady Death, wearing her funky nurse’s uniform will begin herding people in to “rooms.”  It will be at her discretion which room you get.  Pass her a business card as you come through the line.


You have now been locked in a cell.  Lady Death tells you one or more people have SHOWN EVIDENCE that they have indeed been infected with the Zombie Virus.  She, sadistic nurse that she is, will not tell you who.  Only that the person who has the most contacts at the end will get the Med Pack that will turn you back into a human being… AND THERE IS ONLY ONE!

The cells are colored floor pieces inside string.  The chairs on one side are the entrance to the cell.  Anyone who moves a chair or breaks a string is automatically infected.

After Round One, Lady Death will speak to each prisoner.  She will inspect your cards.  If you have not been in contact with Patient 0, you may be okay.  If you have, you are now infected!


At this point, the cell doors are “opened.”  You are released into general population.

After Round Two, Lady Death will speak to each prisoner.  She will inspect your cards.  If you have not been in contact with any infected patient, you may be okay.  If you have, you are now infected!


Humans are now gathered in the cells.  Zombies who are in packs of three or more may try to break down the walls.  Each string within the wall requires either five minutes or five zombies to cut through it.  The humans who are left may create packs of their own to try and make it to another room.  Zombies are stupid, though, and they are not allowed to block the doors.  If Lady Death catches them, the pack is broken up and not allowed to reform.

One a wall falls, all the zombies and humans must exchange cards.  The pack grows BIGGER.



It is up to you how you want to play.  Once you speak to anyone, you need to exchange business cards.

ZOMBIES, once infected, will seek out anyone else in round one or two, since, of course, they are hungry!  More brains, please!  And pass the salt!  They can appear friendly or not.  These are fresh zombies, remember.  No drooping eyeballs yet.  Packs of Zombies must exchange cards and take the time to figure out their pack name before they can group up.  After the group is established, they may wander about freely again.

You could decide to hunt out patient zero immediately.  You could decide to have human friends throughout, to try and make it through round three.  You could decide that, once round three happens, you want to be part of the biggest Zombie pack ever.  You could decide to keep your pack small and capable of not being noticed by the humans you are eating.

IF anyone makes it all the way to the end, without being turned, they win.

The zombie with the most contact cards will be awarded the med pack.

The zombie pack with the largest number will be photographed and their group shot put online with the Zombie pack name.

If there are ties OR there are only zombies left after round two, cell battles commence.  The person who knows the most number of names on the business cards without looking will win.

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